Viessmann refrigeration solutions

Refrigeration systems

Viessmann offers innovative refrigeration solutions, including remote and plug-in refrigeration cabinets, lamella products, power packs, cold rooms, refrigeration cells and units as well as accessories and services for pre- and post-installation. A strong partner network enables us to serve clients with comprehensive cooling solutions.

We provide one single customer interface for selling, marketing and supporting refrigeration solutions. Our production sites in Germany and Finland provide high-quality cold rooms and commercial refrigeration know-how. With many years of expertise, we offer our customers comprehensive refrigeration solutions from a single source.

Viessmann provides solutions which create new opportunities for selling groceries. The main success factors include lowering total life cycle costs, creating an enjoyable grocery shopping experiences and customising according to the needs of the food retailers’ unique store concepts.
Low life cycle costs

Viessmann has a comprehensive view of its products’ life cycles – from installation, daily running, service and maintenance operations to recycling and disposal. We aim to help our customers to lower the overall life cycle costs for the benefit of future generations.
Superior in-store experience

A profound understanding of our clients’ business needs and market insights enable us to help retailers create an enjoyable shopping experience. Our refrigeration cabinets provide a podium for groceries, which increase their sales. Together with our customers we aim to create solutions for the benefit of retailers and consumers alike.
Unique retail concepts

Our refrigeration solutions suit all commercial refrigeration customer concepts. Flexibility to meet the customers’ standards is our backbone. Our products can be customised to fulfil the customers’ needs and provide their stores with unique concepts and new layout options.

About the Viessmann company

There's a reason why we have become the market leader

[img:1:small:left]As the European market leader, Viessmann Kältetechnik AG is today the principal manufacturer of temperature-controlled rooms for trade and industry. Clever innovations not only revolutionise the refrigeration technology market, but also offer trend-setting solutions for even the most personalised applications, thus substantiating the company's high technological standards. With over 400 employees currently at the Hof (Upper Franconia) site, we ensure that the Hof production plant manufactures products destined for application areas that require the highest standards, such as gastronomy, the hotel industry or food production and processing. Hygiene primarily plays an essential role in this. As one of the five largest companies of its sector, Viessmann has broken the mould regarding hygiene and developed a unique antimicrobial powder coating (SilverProtec®), used for the first time as standard for all Viessmann chiller rooms, coldrooms and deep-freezing rooms, offering long-term protection from harmful micro-organisms.

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Viessmann technology

Custom-made refrigeration

[img:2:small:left]Tailored to the various usage requirements of trade and industry, Viessmann coldrooms and deep-freezing rooms stand out, thanks in particular to their high flexibility and build quality.

Numerous different room situations require the maximum possible individuality and perfection in planning. Designs with the optimised Viessmann grids of 300 mm and 100 mm (150 mm for partition walls) facilitate easy installation, even for the most diverse room situations.

Chiller rooms, coldrooms or deep-freezing rooms – Viessmann constructs them appropriate to your space requirements and ensures absolute perfection through its precisely tailored manufacturing and modular design. This is custom-made refrigeration, completely without compromise.

Viessmann technologies

[img:1:small:right]Viessmann Technologies GmbH, a Viessmann Kältetechnik AG enterprise, now furnishes an independent platform for technological innovations, which is focussed on the development, manufacture and marketing of hospital cleanrooms and transport refrigeration. In the past few years, Kältetechnik AG has been turning more and more attention to entrepreneurial diversification strategies that have resulted in the development of new pioneering product branches alongside the established refrigeration technology field. This is an area that Viessmann would like to expand on, due to its international success to date, and which was at the core of the decision to found an independent limited company, or GmbH.

Clean rooms

Among other things, the hospital cleanrooms business is responsible for equipping hospitals with state-of-the-art operating theatres, intensive care units, radiation protection for radiological and nuclear diagnostics and therapy, as well as built-in installations and fixtures in medical environments. The surfaces of individual room components can coated with Viessmann’s own innovation, the unique powder coating SilverProtec® , which provides enduring protection against micro-organisms and blocks cell metabolism by releasing natural silver ions. It also prevents cellular respiration and blocks cell division. Dangerous bacteria and fungi perish immediately on contact with the SilverProtec®.

Transport Refrigeration

The transport refrigeration sector currently has two refrigeration trailer types: ICEWHEELER AIR is designed for airport logistics, whereas the ICEWHEELER ROAD is used on roads. The self-sufficient refrigeration supply in both models allows for manageable freshness, regardless of whether you have an outside temperature of 45°C in Dubai, or -20°C in Moscow. The ICEWHEELER ROAD is also available with an optional auxiliary electrical heater, so that in addition to refrigeration it can also ensure that hot meals are kept at a constant temperature, for example in the catering industry.

Refrigeration products

Full-range suppliers for Coldrooms

[img:1:small:right]As the European market leader in temperature-controlled rooms, we place more emphasis on our innovative power today than ever before in order to secure our position for the long-term and to provide you, our loyal and equitable partners, with top quality solutions for refrigeration technology.

Our strong market position is ultimately down to you and your trust in Viessmann products. Our extraordinary growth is an affirmation of our business policy, and is helping us become a leading supplier in the refrigeration technology sector in turbulent times.

With our continuing spirit of innovation combined with our employees' highest technological standards and excellent know-how, we are confident that we will also be manufacturing top quality products for refrigeration technology applications in the future and will even be expanding our product range with new innovations.

As full-range suppliers in our sector, we have extended our range with a large quantity of supplementary products, so we can provide you with the complete refrigeration technology product range.

But we consider the role of a reliable partner to mean a whole lot more. Our service philosophy means that our work doesn't end with the delivery of our products. Viessmann will remain by your side for the long-term, and on a customised basis, thanks to our superbly structured distribution network.

Coldroom doors

Coldroom doors

[img:2:small:left]With more than 1,000 different variants, we can offer you a wide range of doors for coldrooms and deep-freezing rooms. Our doors are of high quality, with powder-coated steel sheet or optionally available in various stainless steel variants with complete PUR insulation and finished without wood inserts in door leaf and frame.

[img:1:small:right]A Viessmann termékek egyesítik magukban a legmagasabb gyártási minőséget az értékes részletekkel melyek elejét veszik a szükségtelen energiafelhasználásnak. Ha belépünk egy Viessmann hűtőkamrába, a hűtőegység automatikusan ideiglenesen kikapcsol az ajtóba szerelt kapcsoló segítségével, mely értékes energiát spórol meg és megelőzi a jégképződést a kamrán belül. A jelentős nyomásemelkedést, melyet a kamrán belüli és kívüli légtömegek különböző hőmérséklete okoz a beépített nyomáskiegyenlítő szelep akadályozza meg az ajtónyitás alkalmával.


Sophisticated functionality

[img:1:small:left]With the Viessmann refrigeration technology product range, almost any application or industrial sector, from food production, the catering industry and the hotel industry through to the shipping industry, and even to the medical and pharmaceutical industry, has innovative and high-quality solutions at its disposal.

Coldrooms, deep-freezing rooms or chiller rooms in Tecto Standard, Tecto Special or in individual custom-built design – for its wide product range with all the corresponding system components, Viessmann uses exclusively high-quality materials and works with innovative processing systems, such as the unique, antimicrobial SilverProtec® powder coating, which redefines the standard of hygiene in the refrigeration technology sector.

Cold/Deep-Freezing Rooms

Cooling or freezing in ice-cold perfection!

[img:1:small:left]With their high-performance functionality, Viessmann coldrooms and deep-freezing rooms are indispensable in foodstuff production, supermarkets, the retail trade, factories, transportation as well as in the catering and hotel trade. The pharmaceutical industry, hospitals, regional crime authorities, pathology, plants in the mineral oil industry or in the fabrication of synthetic raw materials would not be the same without the innovative quality products of Viessmann.

In line with the stringent requirements of trade and industry, Viessmann coldrooms and deepfreezing rooms capture the attention with their stability, their above-average hygiene characteristics and their high utilisation comfort.

Experience a reliable dimension of technological and hygienic excellence with Viessmann!


Chiller rooms for almost all room situations

[img:1:small:left]Whatever you want to keep fresh at a defined coolness: Viessmann chiller rooms set new standards for storage in private households, the catering industry, foodstuffs trade, the florist trade, drug stores or chemists.

Viessmann panels are designed to fit accurately thanks to a groove/tongue system with protected eccentric cam locks. This sophisticated, modular type of construction gives the rooms perfect insulation, preventing heat bridges and condensation build-up. The cover layers of our sandwich panels consist of hot-galvanised steel sheet, which is enamelled in an environmentally- friendly powder coating procedure at 180 °C in our factory, and this is done in such a way that the cut edges are also sealed, with an average layer thickness of 70 μm.

Commercial Refrigerators

Professional cooling in the narrowest space...

[img:1:small:left] Viessmann commercial refrigerators are known in particular for their professional quality and excellent performance. The high-quality refrigeration components ensure a balanced temperature distribution on the interior of the refrigerator. The spacious interior dimensions and high partitioning flexibility of the interior space make the Viessmann FLEX-COOL commercial refrigerators a guarantee for freshness for the experts.

The most stringent design and aesthetic demands ensure that Viessmann commercial refrigerators are perfectly integrated into their surroundings Apart from the excellent quality both outside and inside, all the models are impressive in their interior area due to their clever convenience features (for example, the possibility of easy cleaning) and maximum utilisation of usable space. Viessmann commercial refrigerators are the perfect enhancement for professional equipment and are particularly impressive due to their high versatility, from shock froster to bakery cabinets.


  • Compact outer dimensions
  • Optimum insulation due to wall thickness of up to 80 mm
  • High-quality processing material made of ground stainless steel
  • Complete door sealing due to 4-sided magnetic sealing frame
  • Flexible interior equipment due to height-adjustable grilles
  • Simplified cleaning
  • Insensitive version (full cladding, corner radii, door handle outside)
  • No touching of the door seal when opening the door due to trapezium-shaped handle recess
  • Elegant closing unit at the top in the gripping groove

Refrigeration units

Use the full refrigerating capacity and save energy!

[img:1:small:left]Our company’s production of refrigeration units enables us to offer an ideal system completion to the coldrooms from nearly every manufacturer. The functions of Viessmann refrigeration units are specially tailored to customers’ needs and can be installed without spending a great deal of time or energy. Whether wall-hanging, split- or ceiling-mounted units with electronic or thermostatic control, Viessmann refrigeration units do not just impress with their ready to plug in commissioning but also with their above average cooling capacity based on the use of high quality omponents and well thought-out refrigeration cycles. This capacity makes for longer life and lower power consumption. The refrigeration cycle of Viessmann refrigeration units is completely soldered to guarantee a high level of operational safety. All parts are easy to access, permanently lowering maintenance and repair costs. This is an economical and indispensable product advantage adding to Viessmann refrigeration units’ quiet finish and long life.

Ceiling-mounted refrigeration units

Ceiling-mounted refrigeration units

[img:1:small:left]Easy to assemble on the coldroom ceiling as the soffit of the unit is planar and facilitates its positioning on the roof. The unit does not take up more space than the coldroom taken up on the ground. With electronic control. Several units in a coldroom can be operated in a network using a bus connection. The cooling capacity for coldrooms ranges from 600 to 2600 W. Aircooled or water-cooled execution. With
condensate evaporation. The refrigerant is R 404 A and the unit is produced according to EN-standards, in agreement with CE.

Split refrigeration units

Split refrigeration units

[img:1:small:left]Viessmann split refrigeration units are suitable for installation in a coldroom or a conventional refrigeration room. Warm and cold parts can be assembled up to 15 m from one another. With electronic control. The cooling capacity for coldrooms ranges from 900 to 2765 W. Air-cooled or water-cooled execution. Alternatively electric defrosting or circulating air defrosting in the temperature area over +3°C. R 134 a refrigerant is used (R 404 A in the case of chiller units). Production according to EN-standards, in agreement with CE.

Wall-hanging refrigeration units

Wall-hanging refrigeration units

[img:1:small:left]The ready to plug in Viessmann wallhanging units are inserted into a coldroom or a wall between 60 and 150 mm thick optionally electronic control or thermostatic control. The cooling capacity for coldrooms ranges from 500 to 2765 W. Air-cooled or water-cooled execution. Alternatively electric defrosting or circulating air defrosting in the temperature area over +3°C. R 134 a refrigerant is used (R 404 A in the case of chiller units). Production according to EN-standards, in agreement with CE.

Shelving systems

The versatile spacious wonder...

[img:1:small:left]Well thought-out to the smallest detail: The renowned Viessmann quality is not only met in the development of modern refrigeration technology, but also in the accurate design of functional shelving systems.

Thanks to its high material quality made of rust-free stainless steel, the sturdy Rega Stabio shelving system offers the highest load-bearing capacity and is easy to clean due to its smooth surfaces.

The Rega Almo shelving system has been proven through its lightweight aluminium quality, especially for dry cooled products that should be accessible from all sides. Designed as a plug-in system, the friction-locked connections between the shelf frame and the support beams ensure accurate operating safety. High quality surface anodising guarantee the best possible corrosion resistance.

Shelves made of hot-dip galvanised steel as well as the various shelves for almost all applications round up our range of products. The Viessmann shelving systems naturally support your HACCP cleaning programme.

Rega Stabio

Rega Stabio Standard 5 and Standard 25

[img:1:small:left]The stainless steel shelving Rega Stabio is a compact and extremely hardwearing shelving system. Due to its rigidity and high loadbearing capacity optimally suitable for storage of foodstuffs, drinks and other cooling goods in gastronomy, trade, industry and agriculture. Tested according to german TÜV-GS. Depending on dimension, the loadbearing capacity of the elements is up to max. 150 kg with evenly distributed shelf load. A field load can be loaded with up to a maximum of 1200 kg. Rega Stabio is available in various depths, widhts and heights and enables flexible space design in effective adaption to your storage goods. Furthermore the shelving system can be supplemented with our extensive range of subject specific accessories, i.e. with pressure distribution plates, hanging rails with S-hooks for meat and sausage or ship equipment.

Waste cooler

Waste disposal at a high level...

[img:1:small:left]The hygienic storage of waste is, especially in the foodstuffs sector, is an important factor and is regulated legally by the Federal Intromission Protection Law and the Regulation on the Destination of Residues. According to these, the storage of many organic and inorganic wastes are specified below a temperature of 5°C. To be able to meet the high demands of industrial kitchens, butchers, foodstuffs businesses and the catering industry, Viessmann offers the perfect solution for the economical and reliable cooling of your waste with the offal cooler CONFI-COOL.
Well thought-out equipment for optimum useability.

Doors that can be locked, continuous grip profiles and replaceable magnetic sealing frames ensure for the perfect handling of the offal cooler. In addition, the removable hinges and the throw-in hatches, which can be easily removed without
tools, make the cleaning process more convenient. Internal guide and buffer strips enable the container to be positioned accurately under the waste deposit opening and the serially available ramp allows the waste bin to be replaced easily.