Benchtype Fume Absorber - MEDITE TAZ 19 external exhaust

Benchtype Fume Absorber - MEDITE TAZ 19 external exhaust

Key product features

* Compact all-round solution for professional labs
* Safe and hygienic working place
* With down draught extraction method effectively and efficiently protecting user's health
* Special hood provides absolute safety aganist contamination of dangerous fumes

Product specifications

Safe working place with down-draught extraction and indication of filter saturation by means of a working hours counter for optimum user protection against odor and fume contamination. The large working area allows a wide variety of uses, viz. cutting-up specimens, mounting sections from xylene, and the preparation of reagents.

Compared to other instruments available on the market, the TAZ 19 protects the user from the contaminatoin of dangerous fumes before they pass the activated carbon filter. The suction output can easy be adjusted steplessly according to the requirements of the individual laboratory.

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