Programmable Slide Stainer - TST 44

Programmable Slide Stainer - TST 44

The programmable continuous slide stainer TST 44 with up to 12 parallel operating staining programs is an "assembly-line worker" for routine staining protocols frequently needed in histology and cytology laboratories.

Its unique Reagent Management System (RMS) ensures high quality samples and helps reducing consumption and costs.

Programmable Slide Stainer TST 44
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Key product features

* Highest capacity in routine stains
* Maximum flexibility with up to 12 parallel operating staining programs
* Large number of bath stations with very low consumption
* Continous loading principle
* Enhanced Reagent Management System ensures high sample quality

Product specifications

The outstanding features of the TST 44 result in a high capacity of up to 500 slides per hour and considerably decrease the time needed for this routine work in the laboratory. Its again increased number of reagent stations in combination with a continous working principle provides a high throughput. Up to 12 baskets with 30 slides each can be processed at the same time following identical or different staining protocols.

There are four loading and four unloading stations available as start and exit baths providing fully automatic performance of the staining procedures without the need to interfere. The slide stainer can store up to 20 staining protocols with up tp 40 program steps. Up to 12 parallel operating programs can be run simultaneously.

The extraction device with integrated charcoal filter and connection to an external ventilation system avoids the emission of solvent fumes and provides an optimum protection of the user's health. The water saving feature is a contribution to energy saving and environment protection.

Great variety of models

The high performing continous slide stainer for modern histology and cytology labs merges flexibility with high speeds for optimal effiency in routine stains. The following models are available in our range:

TST 44.100:
standard model

TST 44.300:
with drying chamber

TST 44.100 C:
with transfer station

TST 44.300 C:
with drying chamber and transfer station

TST 44.100 C Kit:
with modification kit for transfer station

TST 44.300 C Kit:
with drying chamber and modification kit for transfer station

Display TST 44
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The large display facilitates programming, application and supervision of all procedures.

All relevant data for the current process are listed in the plot line. By pressing the status key and choosing a basket, the whole staining program appears on the screen. Consequently the user can easily check the status of the staining procedures at a glance.

The easy to follow user's guide enables efficient programming of the procedures and offers simple access to archived data.

Transport head TST 44
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Transport head

The soft running transport head with the patented drip tray moves fast in X, Y and Z direction.
Liquid residues on the slides and the basket cannot contaminate the reagents as the small tray glides automatically under the basket as soon as it is lifted from the bath and before it is transported to the next station. A filter card in the tray absorbs the liquids thus preventing an overflowing of the tray.

Technical data

Max. number of staining protocols:
20 / 12 parallel operating programs

Max. number of programme steps:

Free choice for every step:
station, time (from 1 sec. to 59 min.)

Drip collection:
adjustable drain time combined with a patented drip collection technology avoids carryover of solvents
drain time 0 to 9 sec.

Compatible to all coverslipping machines in the market

Number of stations:

4 loading stations
4 unloading stations
6 water stations for running water

2 drying stations (temperature adjustable from +40°C to +90°C)
4 water stations
30 staining stations with agitation

Contents of solvent containers:
360 ml, can be reduced to 260 ml

Dimensions (W/D/H):
1,210 x 670 x 640 mm

115 kg

Power supply:
100-230 V / 50/60 Hz / 100 VA

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