Viessmann technology

Custom-made refrigeration

Tailored to the various usage requirements of trade and industry, Viessmann coldrooms and deep-freezing rooms stand out, thanks in particular to their high flexibility and build quality.

Numerous different room situations require the maximum possible individuality and perfection in planning. Designs with the optimised Viessmann grids of 300 mm and 100 mm (150 mm for partition walls) facilitate easy installation, even for the most diverse room situations.

Chiller rooms, coldrooms or deep-freezing rooms – Viessmann constructs them appropriate to your space requirements and ensures absolute perfection through its precisely tailored manufacturing and modular design. This is custom-made refrigeration, completely without compromise.

Viessmann technologies

Viessmann Technologies GmbH, a Viessmann Kältetechnik AG enterprise, now furnishes an independent platform for technological innovations, which is focussed on the development, manufacture and marketing of hospital cleanrooms and transport refrigeration. In the past few years, Kältetechnik AG has been turning more and more attention to entrepreneurial diversification strategies that have resulted in the development of new pioneering product branches alongside the established refrigeration technology field. This is an area that Viessmann would like to expand on, due to its international success to date, and which was at the core of the decision to found an independent limited company, or GmbH.

Clean rooms

Among other things, the hospital cleanrooms business is responsible for equipping hospitals with state-of-the-art operating theatres, intensive care units, radiation protection for radiological and nuclear diagnostics and therapy, as well as built-in installations and fixtures in medical environments. The surfaces of individual room components can coated with Viessmann’s own innovation, the unique powder coating SilverProtec® , which provides enduring protection against micro-organisms and blocks cell metabolism by releasing natural silver ions. It also prevents cellular respiration and blocks cell division. Dangerous bacteria and fungi perish immediately on contact with the SilverProtec®.

Transport Refrigeration

The transport refrigeration sector currently has two refrigeration trailer types: ICEWHEELER AIR is designed for airport logistics, whereas the ICEWHEELER ROAD is used on roads. The self-sufficient refrigeration supply in both models allows for manageable freshness, regardless of whether you have an outside temperature of 45°C in Dubai, or -20°C in Moscow. The ICEWHEELER ROAD is also available with an optional auxiliary electrical heater, so that in addition to refrigeration it can also ensure that hot meals are kept at a constant temperature, for example in the catering industry.